Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Orbyk - Point of contact

The development of Orbyk is underway. The visuals are fairly raw but I have gotten collision detection to work. Calculating point of contact for the rebound was another story.

It took several attempts to get it right and I am still tweaking it. I spent too much time figuring out complicated math that when it did work, it still didn't help me (but I still needed to do it to know that it would not work). I had one solution that worked well at very slow speeds. It turns out that the closer to the objects edge the detected collision was, the more accurate the calculation was. Once I realized that, after detecting a collision, I would slowly back the object up until it almost didn't register the collision and then did the calculation.

Some collisions that are exactly on the edge or corner could be calculated wrong. I have been too lazy to correct it at the moment ( When I make the main shape a sphere instead of a cube, it will have to change), So I added rebound validation. If I detect a rebound off of a side, I verify that another block is not resting up against that side. If a block does exist to that side, then the calculation was an edge case and was wrong.

I had it working beautifully until I added user input and decided that I was representing speed and direction in a poor way. In the process of correcting movement, I had to revisit my collision and rebound logic.

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