Saturday, October 13, 2012

100 projects and counting

I sat down and listed out all my tasks and projects in a spreadsheet. I wrote down everything that came to me.  All the things that people expect me to do or would like me to do.  I put down things that I should be doing but never get to.  I listed all the things I know I will never do but should be on the list anyway.

I needed to clear all of it out of my head. Get it down someplace so I am not wearing myself out thinking about it.  I just kept going as far as I could go.  In the end, I had over 100 items listed in my spreadsheet. That kind of caught me off guard when I saw that number.  I do this every so often and it usually helps me recharge a bit. But this time it showed me how far behind I really am.

I took a bit of time to put time estimates with each item to get a better picture.  The running total was just over a years worth of work.  Assuming that nothing else came up, I could be caught up in 56 weeks.  

I decided to take a look back at the last few times I recorded all my projects. My lists from 6 months ago and 12 months ago were the only one's I had time estimates on all my items.  When I chart the time estimates  for all 3 time periods (today, 6 months, and 12 months ago), it shows that my list is getting longer.  Its growing much faster that I can clear items off of it.

There is no way I can take care of that list alone.  I't very apparent that I either need a team of my own to tackle these things or I need to start turning people down. But now I have some data to back me up when I bring it up. 

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