Monday, November 03, 2014

Using Pester to validate DSC resources and configurations

The more I use Pester, the more I like it. I found some ways to leverage it in validating my use of DSC Resources and configurations. Here are some samples to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Are my resources loaded?
Often I will create a new resource thinking it will work only to not have it loaded for some reason. At the moment all my resources are in the same module. So I have this test to use my folder structure to test for a loaded resource.

$LoadedResources = Get-DscResource

Describe “DSCResources located in $PSScriptRoot\DSCResources" {
    $ResourceList = Get-ChildItem "$PSScriptRoot\DSCResources"
    Foreach($Resource in $ResourceList){
        It "$Resource Is Loaded [Dynamic]" {
            $LoadedResources |
                Where-Object{$ -eq $Resource} |
                Should Not BeNullOrEmpty

Can  my resource generate a mof file?
The next thing I want to know is if it will generate a mof file. I create a test like this for every DSC resource. I use the TestDrive: location to manage temporary files.

Describe "Firewall"{
    It "Creates a mof file"{
        configuration DSCTest{
            Import-DscResource -modulename MyModule  
            Node Localhost{
               Firewall SampleConfig{
                    State = "ON"
        DSCTest -OutputPath Testdrive:\dsc
        "TestDrive:\dsc\localhost.mof" | Should Exist

Do my Test and Get functions work?
For some of my resources, I even test the Get and Test functions inside the module. I first have to rename the script so I can load it. Also notice I use a Mock function to keep the Export-Module from throwing errors.

$here = Split-Path -Parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path

Describe "Firewall"{
    Copy-Item "$here\Firewall.psm1" TestDrive:\script.ps1
    Mock Export-ModuleMember {return $true}

    . "TestDrive:\script.ps1"
    It "Test-TargetResource returns true or false" {
        Test-TargetResource -state "ON" |
            Should Not BeNullOrEmpty

    It "Get-TargetResource returns State = on or off" {
        (Get-TargetResource -state "ON").state |
            Should Match "on|off"

Edit: I added a part 2.

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