Monday, February 02, 2009

Ventrilo - How to connect?

Ventrilo is a very popular voice chat program. It is used with many games to cordinate the actions of many players at once. The first step to using Vent is to get connected.

First step is to create a user name. This is the name that everyone will see when you connect. You can create a phonetic for it so it will announce when you join or leave the channel to everyone there (that have not turned that annoying feature off). Be respectfull with that because it follows you from server to server and its easy to forget you have one set up.

If its a new connection, you will need to add the server before you can connect to it. You will usualy be provided a server/port/password to enter. If they do not provide a password, you prabably do not need one.

The server can be a port or an IP address. It can look like or You may see the port number attached to the server name with a colin. If the port number is 12345 its possible it can look like this; or If you are not given a port number, look closer at the sever name.

Once you add the server you can click connect. If everything is correct, you should find yourself in the root channel. From here you can double click on a channel to join it.

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