Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ventrilo - Ranks and Mute/Queue Options

There are lots of reasons you may or may not want to give users their own accounts on your vent server. I use it to give me more control over a large group. Let me give you an example.

I play alot of World of Warcraft and our raid groups have 25 members. A few need to be able to talk all the time while others just talk all the time and don't stop. If you get alot of people telling everyone how to do something their special way, it just makes it more complicated for everyone else.

So I have a raid channel set up that mutes all guests to that channel. All guild members have an account so they can talk. New and random people to the group we keep silent. We want them to listen to our method. If they have a sugestion, they can send it silently to a raid leader in game to relay to the group. This option is in the channel options under "Disable Guest Account Transmitting". Checking this will keep all guests from broadcasting in that channel.

Another thing you can do is give each member a rank and mute low ranked members in a channel. I experimented with this but it does not work as smooth as I would like it to work. Im taling about the voice mode on the channel. The default option is normal that allows all ranks to talk. The other 2 options are Queued and Muted. The each act a little different but will keep ranks under a set level from broadcasting.

Queued: This one will mute everyone else while someone is talking. So only one person can broadcast at a time. It uses the Transmit Rank Level to only allow set ranks to broadcast at all. The person that gets the mic keeps it until he stops broadcasting. Once he stops, the next new broadcast gets it. The catch is if someone starts to broadcast just before they last person has released his mic, they will stay muted. I don't like this setting because someone could think they are eaying something important, but because they never got the green light it never broadcasted. I feel like I have to watch vent on a 2nd monitor to use this. The exception here is if you only have one person that will ever talk in this setting. You can adjust this setting on the fly.

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Tsuds said...

Thanks, that made a bit more sense to say the least regarding what the actual numbers on ranks can actually do than some of the other guides floating around.