Wednesday, June 18, 2014

KevMar_TcpPrinter v1.0.2

I just pushed an update to my TcpPrinter resource that can now handle basic driver installations. You can optionally provide a path to the inf files needed for the installation. The resource will try and use those if the driver does not exist.

There will be some limitations to this approach but I felt it was important to provide this option. For now, make sure the files are on the target system. You may have to use another resource to copy those files to the target.

Another change in this release is that Ensure="Absent" will try and remove the port and driver if they are not in use anymore. Should help to keep the system a little cleaner. I did add the requirement that the DriverInf property should be defined for it to remove a driver. This assumes that you installed the driver with this resource and can easily add it again. I also wanted to avoid removing any of the built in drivers.

Changes in v1.0.2
  Added DriverInf property
    Allows you to provide the location to the driver's inf file to be used during printer installation
  Modified Ensure="Absent"
    Will remove the printer port if the removed printer was the last one using it
    Will remove the driver only if the DriverInf is defined and the removed printer was the last one using it

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