Wednesday, January 16, 2008

get Outlook 2007 work with Lotus Domino server using DAMO

At my place of work the email system is lotus notes. The lotus domino server was set up with fairly open access for the longest time. We could use any client we wanted if we knew how to configure it. A while ago they took steps to secure it and closed off POP3 and IMAPI access.

That left us with having to use only Lotus Notes. For Outlook 2003 I was able to use Outlook 2003/2002 Add-in: Notes Connector from Microsoft. When Outlook 2007 was released, Microsoft never updated that addon. IBM also did the exact same thing. The IBM addon is called Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook . After some digging, I was able to get the IBM DAMO connector to work with Outlook 2007.

The first question is where do I find or download the DAMO? The simple answer is that you get it from your server administrator. You cannot download it as an individual component. You have to install a copy of the Lotus Domino server to get the DAMO installer. I have no clue why IBM does not provide it as a standalone download. I also do not see it hosted anyplace else. I am reluctant to host it myself because of that.

So to get your hands on it yourself you will have to download a trial copy of Lotus Domino 8 (or whatever the current trial is) from the Lotus downloads page. This does require registration, but its fairly painless. When you do the install, you can deselect everything except DAMO. I somehow lost the DAMO installer when I tried it, but was able to do a computer search to find it.

Once you do the install, you must add the install location (%ProgramFiles%\DominoForOutlook) to your Path variable in environmental variables. Make sure that all other lotus locations in that path variable are after the one you just added. I did see a registry key to check. Mine was set to the correct value by default.
Change LoadBehavior to 3.

The next issue you will run into is missing emails or messages that don't replicate into outlook. By default, you will only see the last 90 days of messages and will be limited to 200M of email. In the Outlook tools -> options -> Domino Preferences you will find a replication section. Bump it up to 365 days and 1600M. Then close out of Outlook and reopen it. Once it finishes replication, go back in and lower the number of days in those options. If you leave the number at 1 year replication will be slower day to day.

So far it has worked very well. I am still looking into an issue where a message with a corrupt message body does not show up in Outlook but does in Lotus.


rhvbm said...

Kevin, you mentioned that you have used the Microsoft add-in to connect to your Notes mail store with Outlook 2003. Can you provide any insights on how to configure that properly? I tried it, but every time I open the profile it tells me it can't open the set of folders. The add-in must read your Notes configuration automatically, because it pre-populates the server location etc. However, it doesn't let you edit that information. I also wanted to try using the DAMO client, but as you mentioned it is not readily available. At this point I'm totally stuck. I'm a lifelong Outlook user whose being forced to convert to Notes and I hate it. It's got to be one of the most ugly, unintuitive mail clients out there!

KevMar said...

You can get the DAMO client with a little work. You just have to download a trial copy of Lotus Domino 8. Install it locally, find the DAMO component and then remove the rest of it.

I cannot remember much about the Microsoft add-in for 2003. I do remember changing over to DAMO but I can not recall why. Just too long ago.

Wayne said...

A couple things:
1) I got the DAMO client by downloading the Linux version of the Domino trial. The DAMO client install is in the zip file. The nice part about this approach is I didn't have to install the trial server on my machine!

2)I got DAMO somewhat working using this technique - some of the bigger problems I'm seeing are:
* One-way sync (Lotus -> Outlook) only. Nothing I do in Outlook gets back to Notes.
* I can't accept meeting invites from outlook. They all say I'm the originator
* Cannot see free/busy times for other people when scheduling meetings.

Anyone find any workarounds for these things?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I've used the Lotus Notes connector for Outlook 2003 but have switched over to DAMO and Outlook 2007. Have you guys been successful in resolving the "cannot accept meeting b/c you're the organizer" bug, etc.? My e-mail address is

PeraNet said...

I have installed domino 8 server and I can´t find the damo setup.
Can anybody tellme where is it installed?


Anonymous said...

even I downloaded both Windows/Linux Domino 8 Server, I can't found DAMO inside, where can I find it?

Wayne said...

DAMO isn't provided with Domino 8...yet. You'll have to get the current version of DAMO from a Domino 7.x server install.

IBM claims the new version of DAMO (with Vista & Outlook 2007 support) will be available in Sept 2008. I read somewhere that there's a "Tech Preview" program for it, but don't know much more than that.

Todd said...

I've downloaded the Domino 8 Trial for Windows (tried linux install pkg too). I run setup, and i've tried installing everthing, or just the DAMO checkbox, but nothing at all appears to be installed. I don't find any executables that were installed, and I don't see any registry key added. When I go to the tools>options menu in outlook 2007, there's nothing there. I've added the correct path and rebooted windows.

Does someone have an actual URL of a place to download the software? I don't see why they're making it so hard to demo the software, especially when it'd result in sales if the thing works.

Nathan said...

Im having some probs getting this to work. I downloaded Domino 8 installed just the DAMO component but I cant see it in Program Files (when I manually browse to it) and there is no registry entry as described in the instructions. Just wondering what I am doing wrong?

Russ said...

If you have access to a Domino Server (7.02 in my case) you can find the DAMO client in the following location (change drive letter as appropriate)

Like Wayne, I also have the problem one-way synchronisation (changes in Outlook do not reflect in the Lotus Notes Client) and wonder if anyone can offer any advice?

Regards Russ

Melkor said...

When installing on the 64 Bit version of Vista you need to add the full path without the % i.e.: C:\Program Files (x86)\DominoForOutlook Otherwise it won't work.

Anonymous said...

Kust wanted to say that your blg worked. It seems that each year that the supportfrom MS and IBM is is fading on this issue.

..::[ Kepz ]::.. said...

Mistro... thanks for your solution in helping getting Outlook 07 working with my Domino.

I am having a problem though. DAMO worked for a day and now it has stopped. It comes up with the following error when sending and receiving;

~~~~~ Now I can't even get the error up again. Well... it said something like, task was cancelled before it was completed 0x000839 something, something something.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

It may have been a while but i am wondering if anyone has either found a way around the Synching from outlook to notes, and the accepting meetings issue.
In addition, i know that IBM has a DAMO 8.0.2beta client out there, but no one is sharing :( It would be great to at least know if the issues above are fixed.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOO happy that i found this post a couple of weeks ago. Just as you suggested it works, except for scheduling.
Well i have been checking on your page hoping someone would have firgured it out...and today i found a work around..yyyyeeeppppiiii. it was driving me crazy.
Set up a local replica of your mail. If you did it before, redo it. have the client have a local replica and voila. You will start receiving the invites the right way, you will be able to accept (what a dream), and synchronization actually will work (or at least Notes to outlook. i haven't checked the other way).

also , i read a post that 8.0.2 is out for download incluiding damo (i will update on my experience) and 8.5.1 beta will come up by the end of the week.

Fun fun. I just want to get this working. the rest.. ah i don't care.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded trail version of Domino 8, installed only DAMO componenet and setup the path variable but not finding any option to set up an account in Outlook. How to add the acoount whcoh is exisitng on Domino server?

Richard said...

I too had the problem with replication only going one-way after upgrading Outlook to 2007. Calendar entries created in Notes, made it across to Outlook, however changes in Outlook didn't make their way back to DAMO.

I solved the problem this morning by changing the following line in the NOTES.INI file in:

C:\Program Files\DominoForOutlook

The problem line:

Needs to be changed to:

This will only work if you are using Outlook 2007 with a DAMO build known to work with this version.

There appears to be a bug with DAMO that causes this line not to be updated following the update of Outlook.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I need your help for following error message:

"Failed to crate a new MAPI profile. Error configuring Domino Adress Book service"

Bryster said...

Ok - give this link a try... It says that it's a fix - but is the complete install....

Anonymous said...

That did it. awesome. :) I had it set on the notes.ini in c:\program files\lotus...., but not in c:\program files\dominoforoutlook, and the directory where i have the mailboxes saved.

Anonymous said...

I tried that link but aparently i am not entitled. hhahaha. You got to love notes: every possible way to use synonyms to what things are usually called, are in this software.
Any idea where else i could get it? though something tells me no one would host it.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I tried the link above

DAMO-802-InterimFix3-12172008 and found that this fix is available, except I'm getting a "entitlement_failure" error. Which I guess means I'm not a registered user.

Anyone know where else I might be able to find this fix? I don't think my corp IT is going to help me out here... they hate Outlook and don't want to support two clients. I hate notes and am offering virtual beers... : )

help me please?


Anonymous said...

I'm using Outlook 2007 and DAMO 8.0.2 with Lotus Notes 8.0.2 installed. All the emails come into Outlook, but if I mark a message as read or unread in Outlook it doesn't sync back to Notes and same if I I mark it as read or unread in Notes, it doesn't sync into Outlook.
I've added the following to the Notes.ini file under C:\Program Files\DominoForOutlook and my mail folder:
Any ideas?

iptables said...

I needd DAMO-802-InterimFix3-12172008 file.
Help me !!!

Jarleif said...

Fix Central by Ibm dont work. Ive noticed Ibm in Norway by phone, and the web-site via web:

The fixcentral is found here:

Just choose Product / Product group = "Lotus" / "DAMO" and submit.

You can read about the download here:

The files included in this interim fix are:

- readme.txt - this file
- 8.0.2-DAMO-InterimFix3-12172008.exe - installation file

KevMar said...

The issue that I am having with Fix Central is the "The following fix cannot be downloaded due to ENTITLEMENT_FAILURE." message.

Can anyone find this file from another source?

Jarleif said...

The download-error is now fixed.
It is now possible to download, like mentioned earlier.

Entitlement error could have 2 reasons:
a) That you are not enrolled in Ibm's user register (Solution: register and log in)

b) You have an userid but are missing the Passport agreement that allows you to download SW for this program. (Solution: Check with the support staff for the web site:
There is a feedback menuchoice)

Very quick response from the support staff :)

Anonymous said...

I guess you can also find the installer also by Googling "C1K37EN.EXE" that is the DAMO installer file name (DAO entry)
Good luck!

Todd said...

The demo mentioned above has been replaced with 8.5 server, which doesn't seem to have DMAO. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thermo said...

Despesaretly looking for DAMO 8.0.2 as well here - my workplace just upgraded to the 8.0.2 client and although the outlook 2003 connector seems to work - it won't send emails. Works fine if I regress to version 7. Does anyone have a link to a version that doesn't require passport or entitlement? email is fine.

Mr. Trying to work said...

I guess people here have different reasons for needing it. Corporate policies may or may not allow us to get it, or as in my case, my company runs notes! old one too! i don't like it, but there are no choices, and that is fine. I just want to use outlook and i do right now,but i know it would be better if i get the fix.
IT won't give me entitlement or links or anything. Google? well let's just say that IBM definitely looks for people that post it, which is why also i understand people resistance to post a link here. I GET IT. i wouldn't do it my self.
I am just hoping, that someone could just e-mail it to me, or e-mail me a private link (from rapidshare, or, or anything). Just for me. why? well i have no good compelling reason. Net friendliness? hahha, kidding. All i know is that it is working (sorta), i can't change a large corporations investment in notes (and frankly, i see why they don't either), i don't participate on yours is better than mine (it aint worth it). All i want is to work around it, so that my outlook performs well, and notes does as well.
thx (my 2 cents)

ps: my url is for you to send an anonymous message in case you can share a link. thx again

KevMar said...

I am in the same situation as the above poster.

Central IT does not want to release it to us or give people the entitlement to download it. That leaves us hunting the web.

Every so often, I hunt again for the download. I have been close a few times. I found the C1K37EN.EXE, but not the setup.ini to go with it.

Anonymous said...

The link you gave doesn't work. Please, share DAMO somewere ouside. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just such a poor man.

It took me 1 year before finding your blog; 1 week before find DAMO 7.0.3. However I found out DAMO can't access a ID profile that is bundled with my sucking company's sucking smart card!

I'm such a desperate puppy.

Anyhow, for those who's desperately searching for the connector:

I'm just share this information and it's not me who uploaded it............

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, can anyone help me with this error. I'm using Damo 8, Lotus 8.0.2 and office 2007. I encounter the following error on Damo 8:

Tue 02/01/1601 16:00 (under received column)

It display this error for majority of the emails.

Ayodele said...

Thanks men, but I have a problem. DAMO 8.0.2 does not work on Windows 7 using Outlook 2007. After everything is done and you launch outlook, it hangs. Gives the error message "Seesion failed to open Your ID file may be invalid or missing. Outlook will close". This error shows on the Notes MAPI service Provider

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been able to get the sync between DAMO 8.0.2 and Outlook 2007 to work? I can send/receive e-mails, but deleting e-mails in Outlook doesn't delete them on the Domino server.

Anonymous said...


Is anyone still viewing this?

I have successfully setup Outlook, connecting to Lotus notes. In outlook I now have a folder named "Other Messages" with 206 messages inside.

Does anyone know why this has been created?


age said...

I see that many may have problems getting the mapi installed on win7. This is due to the restrictions in the os system folders. Try to change the installation folder ex. c:\damo\app and make a copy of your id to c:\damo\id

If you have a failed install from before, uninstall this, remove the damoforoutlook folder from the programfiles. Go to control panel and go to useraccount and email remove the profile and emailaccounts that connects the domino. Restart your system.

Try the install it now with the procedure above. I guess it will be a job straight forward job.

Hope it will work out for you;)

Anonymous said...

You can download and view a guide on how to use DAMO with outlook 2007/2010 here:

Anonymous said...

Looks like IBM has stopped providing the trial Domino Server download

Leroy Kahn said...


If you are still using Otlook 2003 Connector and you get "Cannot open default set of folders" error:

1. Uninstall KB913807 - MS Security update
2. Uninstall KB892843 - MS Security Update
3. Reboot and re-installing the Connector.
4. Once it has created the Outlook.nst file and it's size > 0 kb, you can re-apply the security updates.

I can't remember where i got this fix from ...

Always make sure Outlook is your default mail client (and that it checks for this each time)

I will try share DAMO 8.0.2 tonite. Can't do it from work, of course.


Anonymous said...

DAMO 8.0.2 beta 2

works with Win XP, Notes 7.0.2 and Outlook 2007

Anonymous said...

The DAMO file can be dowloaded from here

Anonymous said...

DAMO on Windows 7 64 bit does not install completely, cannot create MAPI profile. And if you start Outlook 2003 and try to create MAPI profile manually, the plugin just crashes Outlook instantly. Solution is to install Outlook and DAMO in XP mode and then close XP Mode and run Outlook From the XP Mode folder in the start menu in Win 7. Works transparently. Notifications go to the Win 7 task bar etc.
Additionally, for those of you who cannot access IBM fix central and are googling for the latest version of DAMO the file is called "DAMO-8.0.2-InterimFix6-02052010.exe" happy searching.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot Install DAMO 8.0.2 Interm Fix 6 on Windows 7 with Outlook 2007. I keep getting "error configuring Domino Address Book service". I tried installing on C:/damo/app and copying my user ID on C:/damo/id, but nothing seems to be working. Am I missing something?