Friday, January 04, 2008

Why does windows live take so long to install?

I saw Microsoft released a blog writing tool as a windows live app. I decided to try it at work and at home. The installer has one step where it checks for existing windows live apps.  It bothers me that Microsoft has a dozen or so apps, yet it spends a lot of time looking for them.

It takes longer for the installer to look for those 12 apps than to do the rest of the install.

I can only guess what they are looking for, but I suspect that step is just mislabeled.  Sometimes its the small details that give you uneasy feelings.

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Alexander Müller said...

Actually, I have very "uneasy" feelings to say the least about how long it takes for windows live to install. It's like 30 mins or more!!! previous versions were like 5 mins... I can't help but think this stuff is doing MORE stuff, I don't like it at all. Have googled this briefly but no serious replies or investigation about this.

Any new thoughts, ideas or experiences?