Saturday, February 26, 2005

IDownload and ISpyware

I think the fall off IDownload and ISearch has started. They may have screwed up. They want every reference to them being spyware removed. I am not saying that Idownload or ISearch are spyware or adware. I don't care if they are malware or not. As you search the web now, the talk about them trying to shut up the small sites and antispyware vendors is what every one will see.

One site, has a blog with great antispyware information. They never came out and said that IDownload or iSearch are spyware, they listed what spyware scanners were looking for. IDownload and ISearch just happened to be on that list.

See: SpywareWarrior Responds to iSearch/iDownload

It it were my computer, I would remove it. But that's my opinion

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