Friday, February 25, 2005

Spyware, worse than viruses.

Its like cancer. It truly is. The majority of home user problems that I have to deal with is related to sypware, adware, malware. Tonight I spent 3 hours with a customer rebuilding his machine. He was suffering from several problems that just scream spyware. IE would not work, home page was blank. Attempting to type in a site failed to connect, then the browser would choke on the spyware inserted failed connection page. Wen to check network connections and there were none. I tried to add one and the needed service was not started.

Ok, that last one was odd. Every service was set to disabled and none of them were running. I had never seen that before. Trying to enable or start any of them resulted in a unhelpfull error message. I had already planned on rebuilding, so I quit trying to fix it.
Format, Reinstall.

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